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Deaddiction centre in Pune for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Pune, with its winding roads covered with green foliage, arching hills and valleys and mild weather, is one of the most peaceful places to consider for treatment of addiction. The city has a vibrant energy combined with a relaxed and calm way of life.

However, with the IT sector booming and Pune being an educational hotspot, the number of people facing depression, substance dependence and anxiety are on the rise. Despite these numbers, the past decade has seen an immense rise in awareness of mental health issues among the residents of Pune.

The city has a multitude of options for treatment of addiction such as rehabilitation centres, psychiatric clinics and there are many AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meeting which are held regularly.

Most rehab in Pune use psychotherapy and even alternate therapies are undertaken, wherein there are endless permutations and combinations of traditional as well as experimental methods of treatment. This makes Pune one of the most favorable locations for addiction treatment, as it can meet the unique needs of individuals suffering from addiction and their loved ones.

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Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Pune

Pune is an educational and industrial hub, but it is also a hub for many people who are dependent of substances. The average age of exposure to and being diagnosed with narcotic addiction in Pune is 1516 years, according to the antinarcotics cell of Pune Police.

The same average age was 25 years, only a decade ago. This is one of the few cities in which the teenage youth is the most susceptible to addiction. The megacities in Maharashtra have the highest number of suicide rates related to drug and alcohol addiction.

Marijuana is among the most commonly used drugs in the city. Also, with the IT industry flourishing in the city, stress levels of youngsters who have come to the city for work or localities, need to escape their stressful lifestyles.

To actually design programs for deaddiction which are specifically intended for the youth, should be of utmost importance.

Why Choose Best Rehabilitation Centre in Pune

Pune offers a respite for people who wish to live a relaxed life while at the same time be integrated into urban living. Here are the reasons why it is an ideal place to get tested for addiction:

  • The greenery of the city, the pleasant weather and the hills surrounding the city can put you in touch with nature which helps in getting into a calmer state of mind for recovery.
  • Pune is the rehabilitation capital of the country, with a growing number of treatment options for addiction.
  • There are more options for voluntary and non-medical treatment in rehab settings in Pune.
  • There are many people who flock here for spiritual growth as it is home to the Osho meditation resort and many rehabilitation centers use mediation and spiritual upliftment as a path to recovery.
  • With a high number of trained psychologists and psychiatrists, Pune is a prime location for treatment of mental health problems.
  • Being the cultural capital of Maharashtra, pune has a range of activities which are a great amalgamation of the old indigenous Marathi culture and the globalizing influence of migrants who have come here. Some of these are music concerts, trekking in the hills in and around the city, poetry and stand up clubs, and various workshops for hobbies.

ZorbaWellness treatment program for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Our rehabilitation centre in Pune provides a safe environment for a person to start a life free from addiction. Here are some highlights of our treatment program:

  • Single client focused Approach: We understand that recovery is a difficult process for most people and hence we provide personal attention and focus on a single client to ensure we meet their psychological needs and goals.
  • Emphasis on physical health and Nutrition: A balanced diet and options for physical exercise are an important aspect of our program. We believe in a balance between the physical and mental health and hence recovery can be achieved in all areas of health.
  • Psychotherapy: In order to live a life of recovery, counselling and psychotherapy to resolve mental issues is imperative. Making way for new behavioral and thought patterns and rediscovering one's individuality without addiction is the aim of psychotherapy in our treatment program.
  • Meditation: To help the person reduce stress and anxiety, regulate emotions, introspect on negative patterns of thought, and simply learn to live in the present, meditation is of utmost importance. Meditation has been shown to have great results with addiction and is an important part of our treatment program.
  • Family counselling: By involving the family in therapy during the later stages of the program, we ensure that the client builds stronger relations with their loved ones based on trust, empathy and acceptance. Hence, they go back to a warm and supportive environment.
  • Multimodal holistic approach: Using different modalities of treatment, we ensure a holistic approach towards recovery which involves a positive change in the physical, psychological and spiritual areas of growth of the individual.

Codependency counselling in Pune

Codependency is usually seen in the family or close friends of the person suffering from addiction, wherein they become attached to the individual and get trapped in cycles of trying to get them out of addiction followed by despair on being unable to.

Codependents lose their sense of self and the things they enjoy as they are deeply affected by the addict's behavior and their own mental well-being becomes dependent on the addict's ups and downs of recovery or relapse. Counselling for codependency is of utmost importance so that this cycle is broken and both the person who is recovering from addiction and their loved ones transform their unhealthy relationship into a healthy one.

Trained counsellors at our rehabilitation centre in Pune work on this transformation so that the addict can live a life free from the substance and the codependent can live an independent life free from the pain of their loved one's addiction.

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