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Drug and Alcohol Addction Treatment in Kolkata

  • Drug and alcohol addiction has been on the rise in Kolkata. According to the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), the youth in Kolkata has been gradually getting more addicted to synthetic drugs as compared to natural drugs. These commonly include LSD, hallucinogenic mushrooms, MDMA, cocaine and ecstacy.
  • A community based study done in 2017, in 4 hotspots in Kolkata and 4 hotspots in Howrah revealed that within people who were addicted, brown sugar was a primary drug of choice in the urban areas. Alcohol was the common substance of addiction in rural areas.
  • The common age for beginning substance use was 15-20 years. Another finding in the study was that addiction to multiple drugs at a time was high.
  • According to experts from a private hospital the number of young people addicted to alcohol has doubled in the past five years.
  • A joint liver and psychotherapy clinic at Forts Hospital, Standout reported that youth between the ages of 25 to 35 are more susceptible to alcohol addiction.
  • Addiction to cough syrup is also a major problem and illegal trafficking has been busted by the NCB. So is the addiction to prescription pills.
  • Using injections is also common in drug addiction which has increased the risk of HIV.
  • National Health Survey reported that West Bengal is one of the regions which has the highest use of opiates in the country.

Best Rehab Centre in Kolkata for Addiction Treatment

Kolkata has seen a rise in the number of rehabilitation centers for drug and alcohol addiction. To begin recovery from addiction, a change of environment is needed which provides distance from the psychological triggers of addiction.

Rehabs in Kolkata aim to provide a safe space for exploration and understanding of one's psychological issues leading to addiction. Mental health professionals then evaluate and assess the individual's pattern of addiction, coping strategies of the person and other mental health issues which aggravate addiction such as anxiety.

Treatment begins after proper assessment. Many centers in the city follow the twelve step program of Alcoholics Anonymous which has been known to help many people across the world since decades. Psychotherapy is conducted in many rehabs which helps the person work on their psychological issues and sustain long term recovery.

ZorbaWellness luxurious DeAddiction centre in Kolkata

We, at ZorbaWellness aim to provide a confidential and private space for people to recover from addiction. Most people who are addicted have a lot of negative judgement towards themselves for their behavior. Hence it is important to help them accept their illness so that they can work towards changing their behavior.

Our destination treatment program in kolkata provides an opportunity to get free from addiction by applying global standards of treatment in a voluntary set up. The individual is assessed by mental health professionals and his or her pattern of addiction, intensity and factors leading to addiction are understood.

Treatment is tailor made on the basis of these assessments, which caters to the needs and goals of the person in recovery. Family counselling forms an important part of treatment so that when the person goes back after treatment, they receive the social support that is necessary for living life free from drugs or alcohol.

Top reasons to choose Kolkata for recovery from Addiction

  • Kolkata is a place filled with cultural charm, historic and architectural marvels, multitude of activities of interest and amazing cuisine.
  • Treatment in Kolkata is completely confidential, thus the privacy of the client is maintained at all times.
  • Our treatment program is voluntary and non-medical, which has been seen to be most effective for long term recovery.
  • Our team of professionals in kolkata consists of experts in the field who are specialized in working with addiction.
  • Codependency treatment and family counselling is one of the core components of our treatment program in Kolkata.
  • We aim to create social support for the person in recovery by helping them go to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meetings which have helped millions of people across the world.

Codependency treatment in Kolkata

  • Codependency is a relationship dynamic in which one tries to rescue the other who is addicted to drugs or alcohol and derives their sense of self through this.
  • In trying to help the addict, through caring for them or even trying to get them free from addiction, a stressful relationship is created which further enables the addict to use or drink more.
  • Spouses, family members or close friends are most likely to be codependent and feel trapped in a cycle of hope and despair, thus feeling like their lives are immensely affected by the other's addiction.
  • Treatment for codependency involves using open communication, individual counselling and therapy for both parties involved together as well.
  • Treatment involves having insight over the other's and one's own issues in the relationship, and understanding how to rebuild the relationship and make it stronger.
  • This helps in creating social support and a warm and caring attitude for the addict in recovery and for the person affected by the addict's illness.

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