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Current scenario of Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Bengaluru

  • Bengaluru has been christened as the 'drug capital' of India. The availability of drugs from the south and from Goa is one of the prime factors for the rise in drug addiction.
  • The Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health and the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Sciences (NIMHANS) have been raising concerns about the increase in number of drug addicted children and youth.
  • In 2012, a survey conducted by the Karnataka State Temperance Board, Bengaluru reported that approximately 30% of school and college going youth are suffering from drug addiction.
  • The number of addicts who use new substances is also on the rise, thus increasing multi-substance abuse.
  • Government statistics report that the cases of suicide due to drug abuse have increased four times in the last two years.
  • The raids conducted by the National Crime Bureau (NCB) suggest that the most popular drug of choice for the youth of Bengaluru is LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide), followed by hashish, ecstacy, marijuana, heroin, cocaine and MDMA.
  • Despite the rise of drug dependence, the highest number of admissions in treatment centres are cases of alcohol addiction.
  • WHO conducted a study called 'The Burden and Socio-economic Impact of Alcohol: The Bangalore Study,' that was done on rural, town and slum populations in and around Bengaluru, which reported that close to 33% of adults regularly consumed alcohol. Nearly three fourths of this population had been drinking since more than 5 years, we're frequent users and drank spirits with a high content of alcohol. The study also revealed that the Government of India spends nearly Rs. 244 billion yearly to manage the consequences of alcohol use. This number exceeds the governments total excise earning (Rs. 216 billion), thus making alcohol abuse a serious issue.

Rehabilitation centres in Bengaluru

There are 36 Integrated Rehabilitation Centres for Addicts (IRCAs) established by the Government in Karnataka, the third highest number in India. Rehabilitation centres across the city are made to cater to rural as well as urban populations.

The highest number of cases that receive treatment in these centres are of alcohol addiction. Children as young as 13 are also suffering from addiction and are admitted by their families for treatment. A few of the best rehabilitation facilities of the country are located in Bengaluru with global standards of treatment.

With the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Sciences (NIMHANS), being located in Bengaluru, there is a great number of research projects undertaken to understand the patterns of addiction and treatment options.

Many mental health professionals in the city are experts in the field of psychology, being trained by one of the best mental health training institutes in the country. Use of holistic methods which include the Twelve steps program, psychotherapy, yoga and meditation are commonly seen in the rehabilitation centres in Bengaluru.

Top reasons to choose Bengaluru for treatment of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

  • Bengaluru, being home to the best mental health institute of the country- NIMHANS, is a hub for experts in the field and for excellent treatment options for addiction.
  • Treatment at ZorbaWellness is voluntary and respects the rights and wishes of the person suffering from addiction.
  • Single client focused treatment aims to provide personal attention and support, which has yielded a positive result for people in maintaining long term recovery.
  • The city offers different acitivites which can cater to interests of many people and can be integrated into the treatment program such as trekking, enjoying the architectural wonders of the city such as the Bangalore palace, Lalbagh botanical gardens, etc., live music, dancing, sport clubs, racing tracks, stand up comedy and so on.
  • Relapse prevention techniques and strategies are also taught in counselling which are a priority in our destinaion treatment program to help manage cravings and triggers post treatment.

Best Rehabilitation centre in Bengaluru

In order to tackle the growing number of addiction cases in Bengaluru, our destination treatment program offers a multimodal approach of treatment, which focuses on the following areas:

  • Detox and improving physical health: Quitting a substance can cause withdrawals in the body and a full detox is necessary to recover. Proper diet, yoga, exercise and medication is needed in a controlled, safe environment to help the person get their body back to optimal functioning.
  • Consistent care and support: Psychological support is a must for a person in recovery as they are in a vulnerable state of mind. Treating them with dignity, respect and a caring attitude lays the foundation for recovery from addiction.
  • Psychological interventions: Psychotherapy aims to improve a person's mental health and work on the emotional and thought patterns underlying the addiction. This helps the person cope with stress and formulate new healthy behaviors and thought patterns which are needed for recovery.
  • Emotional regulation: Most addict's suffer from other psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, low self confidence, etc. Emotional turbulence often accompanied and fuels addiction. During counselling, many techniques are taught which can help a person regulate their emotions and improve their mental health.
  • Mindfulness training: Addiction is an escape for most people from their normal state of mind which could be characterized by anxiety, low mood, boredom, etc. Mindfulness training helps a person become more present and have acceptance about their lives, with lesser judgment, which in turn helps them manage cravings and live a more peaceful life in recovery.
  • Meditation: Research shows that mediation helps relieve stress, reduce overthinking and improve the quality of life of people. Meditation combined with psychotherapy has yielded wonderful results for people recovering from addiction and is given priority in our destination treatment program.

Codependency treatment in Bengaluru

Family counselling and codependency treatment are a vital part of our destination treatment program in Bengaluru. Codependency is a common phenomenon in which a spouse, close relative or friend of the addict is psychologically disturbed by the other's addiction because their self worth starts to depend on the other person's recovery or relapse.

They are caught in a cycle of hope and despair as they are constantly trying to find ways to make the other person live sober. This results in fights, emotional turmoil, anxiety, low mood and an overall toxic relationship between the two people.

Counselling helps to deescalate the tension and build a more positive relationship between both the people. Using techniques of assertiveness, Cognitive behavior therapy and family counselling, our treatment program aims to build a support system for the addict when they return from treatment and improve their interpersonal skills.

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