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Drug Addiction

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is most of the times, a sign that the psychological (emotional and thought) systems in place are not balanced. The person is many times resorting to addiction because of underlying issues and problems, many of which may not even be known to the person themselves.

We, at Zorbacare, aim to work on these issues and encourage a change in the lifestyle of the person so that the risk for relapse decreases. We believe in helping the person who is suffering, to start out on their recovery which is not just a journey but also a destination in itself. We believe in helping them relearn their own joyousness, playfulness and compassion towards themselves; and rediscover their hidden self which is beyond their addiction.

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The treatment to any kind of addiction begins from identification and acceptance which you need to provide to your loved ones. For further support, fill the form below and our expert counselor will contact you.