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Beginning your recovery from addiction is an important step that is best taken in a place away from home, in a new city or country, so that you can begin with a fresh perspective and a clean slate. To know more about destination treatment for yourself or your loved ones, please fill the form below.

Best Deaddiction Centre in Mumbai

Mumbai, the city of dreams, the city where no-one sleeps provides it's residents with a fast paced life and no time to spare for them selves. Hence, people here can be susceptible to many psychological challenges such as substance abuse, anxiety and other complications. With so many people going through mental health issues, the treatment services offered are very varied.

Mumbai, being the financial capital of the nation and being a home to people from different cultures, caters to the needs of all socioeconomic classes. Rehab services in the city follow different treatment approaches, using traditional as well new age therapy solutions.

Over the years, the number of rehabilitation centres for deaddiction have multiplied very quickly. Peer counselling, the 12 step program, Cognitive behavioral therapy model, use of meditation, etc all are employed in different rehabs to give a multidimensional treatment for addiction.

The mental health professionals in the city are updated with the recent research and treatment solutions in the field and many are trained especially to work exclusively with addiction. Hence, it is a prime location to begin recovery for people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

The city and the active and speedy lifestyle it offers is itself addictive for many of its residents. In addition to that, addiction is an issue which is taking over the city since many years. In 2018, Mumbai accounted for 82% of all cases reported under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985 according to a new study by the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy.

This high number is in part due to the availability of a variety of drugs and also the police cracking down on drug users. Even alcohol use in the city is relatively high compared to many cities and towns in Maharashtra. Socioeconomic challenges faces by the people living in the city contribute to these rising rates of addiction- unemployment, overpopulation, stress of a fast paced life, etc.

Many people are unable to give time to their family or loved ones, or activities they enjoy and loose a sense of belonging and connection with their immediate community, giving the perception of being in a rat race. Addiction is a way to escape the stress of the city life and is a way to cope with the pressures it presents as well.

Reasons to choose Rehabs Centres in Mumbai

Mumbai is the heart of Maharashtra and offers some of the best rehabilitation Centres in the country. Here is why Mumbai is a suitable location to start your addiction recovery:

  • A wide variety of treatment approaches which cater to people with different choices of substance, different mental health issues and backgrounds.
  • Creating a social support system in a city where people have very less time for social connections.
  • With a single client focused approach, our team of mental health professionals can provide personal attention to the client and design a tailor made treatment program for them.
  • A city where there is no dearth of activities to do while changing your lifestyle in recovery and finding new hobbies- music classes, yoga, different dance forms, art, indoor adventure activities, etc.
  • A team of trained specialists with a range of skill sets, working exclusively with people suffering from addiction.

Family Counselling and Social Support in Mumbai

In getting free from addiction, the individual is rediscovering the self that was buried under their compulsive use of substance. This is not easy for many people and requires constant support and motivation.

An African proverb goes, "it takes a village to raise a child," which means that the child has to gain knowledge and experience from everywhere and interact with their community to grow and learn. In the same way, for a person to start and sustain recovery, it takes a lot of social support, especially from their loved ones.

By providing family counselling, we ensure that the person returns to a safe and loving environment. The family or close friends are the ones who have seen the consequences of their addiction, so it is equally important for them to resolve these issues and feel at peace with the person who is recovering.

All this requires an understanding of relationship dynamics and therapy needs to focus on the needs of not only the person in recovery but also of their loved ones. Family counselling is an essential pillar of recovery from addiction.

Best Rehabilitation centre in Mumbai

Recovery from addiction requires not only determination, but also a safe environment and a guiding hand to give direction to the determination. Here is what we seek to provide during treatment at ZorbaWellness:

  • A calm and supportive environment which makes the person feel accepted rather than ashamed when they begin recovery.
  • Our treatment program is voluntary and depends on helping the client build intrinsic motivation which comes from within themselves.
  • Psychoeducation or a basic understanding on addiction and how it develops and sustains, so that clients can use this knowledge to prevent relapses.
  • By treating the person with different modalities, using Cognitive behavioral therapy, Dialectical behavior Therapy, mediation, yoga and family counselling, we employ a holistic approach for treatment.
  • Implementing a treatment program in which physical, psychological and spiritual upliftment is seen as a road to recovery.

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The treatment to any kind of addiction begins from identification and acceptance which you need to provide to your loved ones. For further support, fill the form below and our expert counselor will contact you.