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Rehab centre for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Delhi being the capital of the nation, is home to a variety of rehabilitation centres, some which are also aided by the government. With big hospitals such as AIIMS and Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, there is great focus on healthcare in the city and rehabilitation centres across the city are an evident proof of that.

According to the State Mental Health Authority, set up as per the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017, there are 51 registered private centres which provide substance abuse disorder treatment and many more which are unregistered and provide treatment.

Rehabilitation centres apply models which are used across the globe in order to treat drug and alcohol addiction in a holistic way. Spreading awareness in the youth and their families about the consequences of addiction and how to seek treatment is seen as being of utmost importance in the rehab centres across Delhi.

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Rehahs in India for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

According to a survey by the National Drug Dependence Treatment Center (2019), nearly 2.6 crore Indians have used or use opioids and over 60 Lakh suffer from opioid use disorders. Delhi is one of the places wherein alcohol and drug use is rampant.

Delhi also reports a high number if child and adolescent cases for sedative and inhalant usage. The youth population has majorly reported drug addiction with college students and young working adults being the key demographic that is inflicted.

To combat this rise in addiction, the Delhi government has set up many rehab centres thrpugh which deaddiction drives and awareness programs are implemented regularly.

Top reasons to choose Delhi for treatment of Addiction

  • Delhi, being the capital is easily accessible to many and is a hub of rehab centres.
  • Confidentiality and privacy of the client is of utmost importance and can be maintained through destination therapy.
  • Delhi provides a rich cultural experience steeped in history which can be a unique treatment experience.
  • A well curated team of mental health professionals is available to design and work through a tailor made treatment program for the person suffering from addiction.
  • Single-client specific therapy is a part of our Destination therapy program in Delhi which offers exclusive treatment and personal attention to a client and their loved ones.

Best Rehabilitation centre in Delhi, India

Away from the hustle of a city life, our destination therapy offers a place of sanctuary for those who wish to voluntarily work on their recovery for the improvement of their and their loved ones' lives. Our treatment program in Delhi provides:

  • A safe environment: An opportunity for people suffering from addiction and their loved ones to receive treatment in a safe environment in which they are treating with empathy and acceptance.
  • An experienced team of professionals: To guide the client through their journey of recovery, a team of experienced psychotherapists and counsellors is available.
  • Single client focused approach: By focusing on one client, we can providenthem with personal attention and execute a well curated treatment program exclusively designed for the client.
  • A multimodal approach: Using a multimoal approach in therapy which involves counseling, meditation, the 12 step program and family counseling; allows us to cater to the unique psychological needs of a person and help them set and achieve goals to live a life free from addiction.
  • Post-treatment follow-ups: Going out of the rehabilitation centre and back to everyday life is very challenging for most people as they are exposed to the same old triggers and situations as before which can give rise to intense craving, emotional disturbance or stress. Follow-up sessions are an important part of our treatment program as they help the person adjust to their daily life in recovery efficiently.

Codependency counselling in Delhi

We all wish to be there to support people close to us in difficult times. However, some people start to gain their sense of self by trying to help their loved ones out of their addiction to the extent where their self esteem and mental stability depends on whether their loved one is able to stay away from the substance or not. This is known as codependency.

They enter a cycle of hope and despair related to the other's addiction. This in turn stresses the person who is addicted, resulting in further dependency on alcohol or drugs. Codependency counselling is given priority in our treatment program in Delhi.

Family counselling and codependency counselling are conducted by trained professionals in a destination therapy set up in Delhi, which helps in creating a warm, loving and healthy atmosphere for the person in recovery to return to.

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