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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment in Ahmedabad

Despite being a dry state, Gujarat faces a major issue with alcohol and drug abuse. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Gujarat is the 3rd worst state in drug overdose related deaths. Alcohol is easily available and the police keeps cracking down on contraband throughout the state. Ahmedabad being one of the major cities in the state is home to many who have become dependent on alcohol.

Adulteration of alcohol is also a major problem in Ahmedabad as it is illegal and there is no regulation to govern the supply. This cause many health issues as well to the ones who drink it. The social taboo against alcohol addiction is also quite high in this state. A cross-sectional study conducted at a deaddiction centre in Ahmedabad reported that most commonly consumed was substance was alcohol (64%), followed by tobacco (20%), cannabis (12%) and opium (4%).

Other popular drugs are hashish, cough syrup and whitener. A major reason is that the Prohibition Act that ban alcohol pushes people to try out other drugs. Gujarat is also becoming a hot-spot for drug cartels to smuggle in drugs along the coastline, both natural and synthetic.

Rehabilitation centres in Ahmedabad

Rehabilitations centre in Ahmedabad have progressed quite a lot in the last decade, with more centres taking active initiative in applying scientific and effective models of recovery. In these centres, the majority of the older population is addicted to alcohol whereas the youth is more likely to be addicted to natural or synthetic drugs.

Hence the treatment program needs to take the trends of the target population into consideration when designing treatment programs, especially in the initial stage of detox and withdrawal management. The Twelve-step program used in rehabs helps people to come to a place of acceptance about their illness and build their motivation to remain sober.

Individual and group counselling sessions, which make use of principles of Cognitive Behavior therapy are also used to help change dysfunctional thoughts and actions related to addiction.

Top reasons to choose Rehabs in Ahmedabad for treatment from Drug and Alcohol Addiction

  • Ahmedabad is a peaceful and relaxing place in which there are many activities to pursue such as visiting the Sabarmati Ashram or the Kankaria lake, enjoying shopping or the wonderful local cuisine.
  • The treatment program in Rehabs in Ahmedabad focuses on professional evaluation of one's patterns of addiction and on designing a tailor made therapeutic plan for the individual.
  • Our team of professionals in Ahmedabad are experts in the field who are dedicated to find innovative treatment interventions.
  • Single client focused approach allows us to provide personal attention and consistent care to the individual who is in recovery.
  • Our destination treatment program also involves working on the individual's comorbid psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, etc.

ZorbaWellness treatment program for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Our destination treatment program has been known to have very effective results with people suffering from addiction to different kinds of substances. Here are some of the highlights of our program:

  • Voluntary treatment: We understand that a person's will to recover is an important part of treatment. Treatment at ZorbaWellness is voluntary and respectful of the individual and their families' wishes.
  • Single client focused treatment: By working on one individual's recovery at a time, we can provide them with the consistent care, personal attention and support that they need during this critical time of their lives.
  • Evaluation and Assessment: Evaluating the mental state and the psychological factors responsible for addiction is crucial in order to design a customized treatment plan for the individual. This is done based on clinical interviews, psychological tests and the history of the client, at the beginning of recovery and at regular intervals.
  • Holistic treatment: By working on treating the mind and then body through different modalities such as psychotherapy, mindfulness training, yoga, meditation, exercise, proper diet and nutrition, we aim to provide holistic treatment to the person in recovery to ensure that they can lead their best possible life.
  • Counselling: A team of mental health professionals who are experts in the field conduct counselling and psychotherapy by keeping in mind the needs and goals of the person in recovery.
  • Meditation: Learning to be more present and aware of one's mind and body is crucial in learning to live and enjoy a life free from addiction. We practice a number of different meditations which help people spiritually uplift themselves.
  • Codependency and Family counselling: Creating a supportive network for the person when they go back home is important to avoid relapse or other psuchogical issues like anxiety. Rebuilding the relationships between the family or loved ones and the addict in recovery is achieved by counselling and is given priority in our treatment model.

Understanding Codependency treatment at ZorbaWellness

Codependency is an unhealthy and dysfunctional relationship whereby, the loved one of the addict tries to rescue or help the addict live a functional life, but in doing so has the opposite effect of enabling the addict's dysfunctional behavior. The codependent bears the negative consequences of the addict's behavior the most and hence is most affected by their actions.

The stress created affected both the codependent and the addict and keeps them trapped in a toxic relationship which disturbs both. Thus, pushing the addict more towards their substance and emotionally disturbing the codependent more. Psychotherapy and counselling are needed to rebuild a more positive and supportive relationship between the two parties.

Codependency counselling is done separately with the loved one of the addict and the addict themselves, as well as together in joint sessions. Trust building, improving communication and creating a safe space for both of them to grow and nurture themselves and their relationship ship is the crux of codependency treatment at ZorbaWellness

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