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Destination treatment to Treat Addiction

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Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India

Destination treatment for alcohol and drug addiction

Treatment of alcohol or drug addiction has seen an evolution, not only in terms of how addiction is viewed but also how recovery is introduced to the one suffering from addiction.

Destination treatment is one such method of voluntary treatment in which the person gets to choose the place where his or her recovery will begin. It may be another city, state or country of their or their families’ choosing where all facilities are provided and a team of mental health professionals works with the individual and their family at the same time, towards a life free from addiction and codependency.

Alcohol and drug addiction

There are many people among us who drink too much, smoke too much hash or weed, take too many prescription pills or recreational drugs such as cocaine, meth, MDMA, etc and those for who whom incessant partying has become a lifestyle instead of an activity to be indulged in once in a while. While society looks down upon addicts, seeing them as morally bankrupt or characterless, the reality of addiction is quite different.

Addiction is a result of many biological, social and psychological factors. A person’s genetics, early experiences, social support or lack thereof, coping mechanisms and situational problems all play a role in forming addiction. By viewing an addict as one of us, seeing the individual in them and not the disorder, we can treat them in a holistic way- treat all the factors that are responsible for their addiction.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is most of the times, a sign that the psychological (emotional and thought) systems in place are not balanced. The person is many times resorting to addiction because of underlying issues and problems, many of which may not even be known to the person themselves.

We, at Zorbacare, aim to work on these issues and encourage a change in the lifestyle of the person so that the risk for relapse decreases. We believe in helping the person who is suffering, to start out on their recovery which is not just a journey but also a destination in itself. We believe in helping them relearn their own joyousness, playfulness and compassion towards themselves; and rediscover their hidden self which is beyond their addiction.


Single client focus

Treatment for addiction requires a tailor made combination of pharmacological and psychological interventions. In addition, the environment needs to be a safe haven for the person, instead of a hostile or fearful environment, where he or she discovers and comes back to the self that has been buried under their addiction.

This is difficult to achieve in settings where a higher number of patients are taken in. To provide that level of care, support and motivation to the person, understanding their needs and customizing their treatment, is best done in settings where personal attention is given to the client.

Single client focus has been seen to be more effective than when many clients are treated together. The detox period which is quite difficult, requires intense support and hand holding by experienced mental health professionals and peer counsellors who have themselves recovered from addiction. This is possible through single client focused treatment. Their recovery is more lasting with lesser chances of relapse.

Why choose destination therapy?

  • The destination and the unique features it offers, such as reconnecting with nature, immersing in the local culture, learning about the destination’s history is all a part of therapy.
  • It gives distance from the immediate problems and triggers which lead to addiction.
  • It is private and confidential. Gives them a chance to start recovery without intense feelings of guilt, shame or resistance.
  • It is absolutely voluntary and non-medical in nature.
  • Gives a chance to treat the individual and their family at the same time.
  • It helps avoid temptation to give in to old patterns of behavior which could lead to relapse.

Why should recovery begin in a closed room? Lets have the journey to well being, be fun and an experience to remember. Lets help the person use this experience to rediscover their own individuality and sustain it.

Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India

Codependency treatment

Codependency is used to describe a one-sided relationship in which a person enables a loved one’s destructive behavior. We all have such tendencies in relationships but those who are close friends or family members of addicts become trapped in a vicious cycle. As the addict is attached to the bottle or the drug, the codependent is attached to the addict. In trying to save the addict from their own destructive behavior, they become a source of stress or guilt for the addict which pushes them towards their substance even more.

The codependent may then derive their own self worth through this relationship. This is a serious issue as the codependent stops living their own life in trying to save the addict’s life. There may even be a chance that the codependent themselves could start using a substance or develop depression or anxiety. Even when the person is sober and in recovery, the relationship with the codependent (usually, the person closest to the addict, i.e. husband, wife, child, mother, etc) increases their chances of relapse.

To ensure that the person in recovery goes back to a stable and supportive environment, free from anger or hostility; and that those who are codependent also are free from their addiction to the codependent relationship, we offer counseling to the family members and loved ones of the client. We, at Zorbacare, treat addiction not just as an individual’s problem but an imbalance which affects the person and the social web in which he or she lives.

Family counseling helps them form authentic and loving relationships which help both sides empathize with each other and free themselves from the emotionally draining cycles that they are trapped in. Codependency is as much a disease as addiction which needs to be treated. Exclusive destination therapy programs at Zorbacare are a perfect setting to treat the individual and the codependent at the same time.


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