Spiritual in the Digital Age

Books are too heavy, PDF’s are too temporary,
The smell of a new novel is nirvana, the digital work of a lifetime will be not be saved because of
a comma

Life is too fast paced, people want to slow down,
The days of writing are forgotten, it’s now about carrying information digitally all over town

Once upon a time we found one mentor and obeyed their guidance, today we mentor ourselves
through digital abidance

Temples and meccas are now visited on youtube, where are those times when we walked long
miles to take blessings in groups?

Science is for the mind, spirituality is for the heart,
We need to stop typing for once and cut it right back to the start

Digital is infinite yet fragile, spirituality will seep through your soul and make you agile,

Adapting to the new ways of life will take us through the digital route,
But you cannot replace it with the solidarity of one’s physical roots,

It’s only wise to marry the two,
The amalgamation of both will take the layman through,
He will no longer complain of lack of information, gone are the days when one struggled for any

Spiritual gurus are compiling their knowledge online,
Yet the sages sitting by the river will chant endlessly until their voices are heard by the divine

It’s not a matter of divide but a matter of awareness,
It’s about cutting the chaos and reducing that stress

There is a solution to all problems online,
All so superficial to convince yourself that you doing completely fine

Without digital our learnings will get stagnant,
But let’s not forget the base is in the old literature making digital today so rampant

I don’t visit temples anymore but listen to gurus online through paid sessions,
It makes me wonder if monetizing it all is the purpose of their profession

Spirituality comes at a cost, it charges your soul,
It’s not about just saving that information only to glance it later by a scroll

It’s in the words and not the platform that will get through eventually,
Let’s not fall for everything we see in our notifications and direct us mentally

Let’s not forget the wise words we learnt and wrote in school,
Let it resonate with our personality and that was the rule

Be wise about what you adopt in the digital world,
It’s just a matter of deleting and you will be back in the old world

Digital is the present, future and will be in continuity,
But to stand apart in a pool of corrupted files, is what is Spirituality

—–Mr Ronak Shah

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